Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keep the Holidays Merry For Your Special Needs Child

Some tips on how to make the season bright:

Minimize anxiety by preparing your child well in advance of your

Avoid crowded malls and other overstimulating venues.

Keep to a schedule as much as possible -- it will be hard to get your
        child (and yourself) back on track.

Expectations – inform your child who to expect will attend social
         gatherings. View family photos beforehand; review their names.

Involve your child in holiday preparations. Decorate gradually if your
         child has difficulty accepting change.

Traveling during the holidays is stressful for everyone. Pack favorite
         toys/foods that can help calm your child.

Make sure the host/hostess offers foods your child can eat if
          he/she is on a special diet. Better yet, bring the prepared dish
          wrapped in a festive bow!

Educate those that will celebrate with you about your child’s needs or
          dislikes (i.e. hugs from relatives ).

Role play – practice opening gifts, waiting for others, courteous

Recognize the signs of overstimulation – if you sense your child is
          becoming overwhelmed, direct him/her to a quiet area.

Your child is the most precious gift of all – see the wonders of the
          season through the eyes of your child and have a joyous holiday!

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