Monday, November 8, 2010

Autism, ADHD, Learning Disorders... Unlocking Your Child's Full Potential Holistically Through Diet, Vitamins & Brain-based Exercise -- Invitation to Lecture 11/9/10 Wild By Nature

Neurological disorders are on the rise. Autism now affects 1 in 110 children; The Center For Disease Control (CDC) figures show that 4.6 million children had a learning disorder in 2007 and 4.5 million children were diagnosed with attention defict hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that same year. CDC also reports that 56% of children with ADHD were on prescription medication (2003.)

Early diagnosis and intervention are key to developing a child's full potential.

Please join me tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, 7:00 pm at Wild by Nature in E. Setauket for my lecture on holistic therapies for pediatric neurological disorders such as ADHD, Autism and learning disorders. Learn how natural therapies address the source of your child's symptoms, without the need for medication or surgery. Discover how diet, nutritional supplements, and physical and cognitive exercises can help improve connections in your child's brain.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the neurological mechanism behind behaviors such as impulsivity and inattention in children diagnosed with ADHD or learning disabilities, or spinning, swaying and stimming behaviors in children with Autism. I'll cover the importance of diet, specifically how the gluten-free/casein free diet can make significant improvements in such areas as speech, bowel habits, language, behavior and sensory issues for children with neurological disorders. In addition, I'll provide helpful tips on how to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle and how to keep your child's diet on track during the upcoming holiday season.

For directions contact Wild By Nature; 631 246 5500.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Keri Chiappino
Board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner

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